Since 2007 the Holland Financial Centre foundation has been a public-private initiative set up by organizations from throughout the financial sector, the government and regulators. Banks, insurers, trading firms, pension funds, asset managers, audit firms, law firms and the government joined forces. As a joint venture, the purpose of the Holland Financial Centre has been to strengthen the financial sector in The Netherlands.
Per January 1 2014, the Holland Financial Centre foundation has come to the decision to finalize all projects and activities or to transfer projects to a new owner. No new activities will be started and after settlement of all obligations the Board will decide whether or not to formally close the Holland Financial Centre Foundation. For the successful HFC Plaza the foundations is in advanced talks with a potential buyer.
This website will be maintained, to enable information and knowledge gathered by HFC during the past seven years, continues to be accessible for you. Think of files in the areas of pension expertise and management (Retirement management), cheap and efficient payment systems (Financial logistics) and securities trading (Trading venue), as well as extensive knowledge and expertise in the field of sustainability and financial services (Finance and sustainability).